Fabricated Fourth of July Tweet Was Not from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene


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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was among the many politicians who posted Fourth of July messages on social media. But a bogus, nonsensical July Fourth tweet purportedly from the congresswoman has been spread by partisan accounts. The post was meant as a spoof.

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Like many members of Congress, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia posted a Fourth of July message on social media.

Her official Twitter account shared an image of a stone slab with claims about the signers of the Declaration of Independence beneath text that said: “Happy Independence Day! Let us have honor like these men.”

But a different Independence Day message that’s been made to look as though it came from Greene’s account has been circulating on social media.

The phony tweet, which appropriates Greene’s Twitter profile photo, says: “246 years ago Jesus Christ performed his miracle of making a single days worth of bullets last 8 days, allowing The Continental Army (Americans Woot!) to defeat the Socialist Mexicans and the Liberal British (who were also Muslim). That’s why I give thanks this 4th of July.”

The post alludes to the story of Hanukkah, in which oil that was supposed to last for only one night miraculously lasted for eight nights, and Thanksgiving, a holiday on which people traditionally give thanks. The tweet doesn’t appear anywhere on Greene’s official Twitter feed, and it’s not in the database of politicians’ deleted tweets that’s maintained by ProPublica.

The tweet has been shared by a satirical Facebook page and others who have suggested that it’s a spoof. But many haven’t included that disclosure, leading social media users to believe that it was really a tweet from the congresswoman.

We’ve written many times before about similarly fake tweets. This is just the latest example of a fictitious post circulated by partisan accounts.

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