Mailbag: Minimum Wage Increase

A reader sent us comments on our article on President Joe Biden’s statements about increasing the federal minimum wage.

In the FactCheck Mailbag, we feature some of the email we receive. Readers can send comments to Letters may be edited for length.

Federal Minimum Wage

In regards to your article [“Biden’s Minimum Wage Exaggeration,” Feb. 11], you failed to mention that every time raising the minimum wage comes up there is a doom and gloom scenario given by the opposition. We are always told there will great job loss. With the last wage raise you would have expected the economy was going to nearly collapse and the unemployed would be standing in great lines for soup kitchens. It did not happen. I do not know who the ignorant characters are that set the poverty levels but they are always way too low. You try living on 12.00 dollars an hour.

Just thought you should have included the historical ramifications each time the minimum wage has been raised as this is constantly ignored every time the subject comes up. Yet each time we have been warned on how devastating (they always give all kinds of facts and figures and graphs) this will be but it always works out to be just fine. Although prices will go up as the business owners will not want to adjust their living standard so it will not be long and $15.00 an hour will be equivalent to what $7.00 is now. I can remember when I was in awe of people making $40,000 a year. Although I am now reduced back to that point LOL.

Anyway, thanks for your time, I appreciate your work and I am constantly telling people to go to your web site and get the facts.

Gary Peterson
Maiden Rock, Wisconsin

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