Ginsburg Was Confirmed Years Before the 1996 Election

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Facebook posts falsely claim that the late Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was “nominated and confirmed 43 days before an election.” She was nominated and confirmed more than three years before the next presidential election.

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The death of Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg six weeks before the 2020 presidential election set off a partisan battle over when her seat on the U.S. Supreme Court should be filled.

That battle is getting even more muddled by misinformation.

One recent falsehood circulating on Facebook claims: “Fun fact: RBG was nominated and confirmed 43 days before an election.”

That’s not true.

Former President Bill Clinton announced his nomination of Ginsburg to the Supreme Court on June 14, 1993. Her nomination was received by the Senate on June 22, 1993. And she was confirmed in a bipartisan vote — with 96 senators voting in her favor — on Aug. 3, 1993.

The next presidential election was on Nov. 5, 1996, more than three years later. The midterm elections were on Nov. 8, 1994, still more than a year later and that election wouldn’t have had the potential to change the president, who makes the nominations to the Supreme Court.

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